vCarer App

All client information on the vCarer app. No need for paper.

Daily schedules displayed and any changes immediately available.

Incidents and Alerts sent and received.


Area maps displayed to see where resources are.

Calls requiring attention available to you in a simple list.

Alerts and Incidents displayed so you can immediately react.


Set client carer preferences, training required for calls and automatically generate call schedules.

Create employees schedules quickly and easily by automatically generating weekly shifts.

Add holidays, training days giving you a full view of resource availability.

Client Information

Create digital client records that contain all aspects of client care.

Use templates to allow you to quickly set up calls.

Call information sent directly to the mobile app so the latest information is available to care givers.


No more missed medications.

Safe and efficient recording of medication procedures.

Medication reports for individual clients or all medication across all clients.